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32+ Portfolio items in 2017


Alex Gross Artwork

Alex Gross next solo exhibition will be, at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. Alex’s last exhibition was a display of four large oil paintings on canvas, and thirty new mixed media paintings, in the Pulse Art Fair, in Miami, Florida, from October...

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Tim Tadder Photography, Athletes Creative Sculpture Inspiration

California advertising designer Tim Tadder. Tim Tadder and Paris designer Cristian Girotto work together to jointly complete athlete sculpture photography series, the design looks like a sculpture, like athletes, touch will feel broken in one place. Tim Tadder Photography

MORE / INFOTim Tadder Photography, Athletes Creative Sculpture Inspiration

Babak Hosseiny Portfolio

Babak Hosseiny is an amazing photos designer and arts creative director from brussels, belgium. Check out Babak Hosseiny portfolios! Portfolio by Babak Hosseiny Portfolio by Babak Hosseiny

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James Bullough Prints

James Bullough Prints American artist James Bullough paints realistic portraits that are geometrically fractured and disjointed, adding a dynamic edge to his artworks. Portfolio by James Bullough

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Katja Mayer Photographer

Katja Mayer, photographer and photo artist from Germany. Graduated from the London College of Communication (LCC), now living in London, photography simple atmosphere, landscape and still life, with a fashion sense.

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Martin De Pasquale Photography

Photoshop magician Martin De Pasquale and his design studio, complete these wonderful designs, design ideas designers appreciate the surreal, wonderful design. Check out Martin De Pasquale portfolios! Portfolio by Martin De Pasquale Portfolio by Martin De Pasquale

MORE / INFOMartin De Pasquale Photography

Dusan Cezek Portfolio

Dusan Cezek is an fluent and capable ideamaker, creative director and digital creative thinker. Check out Pixelomics and Pixelwood portfolio. Specialist in problem solving, rich media advertising, strategy planning, development and execution of integrated campaigns. Recognized for creative excellence through various industry awards, including...

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Irma Gruenholz Portfolio

Irma Gruenholz create hand-sculpted illustrations for books, magazines, advertisements, online marketing, etc. Check out portfolio! I was born in Madrid, Spain. I studied graphic design and worked for a time as an art director in an ad agency before embarking on a freelance career...

MORE / INFOIrma Gruenholz Portfolio

Evgeny kazantsev art

Beautiful illustration art designs, designer by Evgeny Kazantsev.

MORE / INFOEvgeny kazantsev art

David Burdeny Prints

David Burdeny Prints Canadian photographer David Burdeny captures the symmetrical beauty of Russian architecture. Portfolio by David Burdeny

MORE / INFODavid Burdeny Prints

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